Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Here is my official EC line: "It's better in the potty than on the body." I'm thinking shirts and bumper stickers are in order. How many can I put you down for?

Breaking the Silence.

We reached a milestone today. Evi rolled from her belly to her back. The first time I thought it was a fluke. The second time I saw the determination in her eyes. I knew she disliked "belly time," but I didn't know she disliked it so much that she would do something about it. Is she advancing along in months so quickly that now she feels she can determine for herself? Am I going to find her crib moved to the window because she likes the view ? I prefer to make decisions for her, thank you. Evi, no more milestones without permission; I am enjoying you as you are.

Today marks the end of a 12 day diaper-free strike. We are once again diaper-free, folks. Over the last nearly two weeks, I have been nursing my shoulder due to a case of tendonitis, which led to my shoulder becoming "frozen" in place. Quite painful and very limiting. Both pottying and blogging were out. Evi and I have been primarily holed up in the upstairs of the house. Thank the Lord, Sunday seemed to be the turning point; my range of motion in my arm and shoulder is speedily returning. Today we have once again banished the diaper, though not without consequence; I have already been peed on twice.

And Anita, I will work on your request for more pictures. I know Evi's sweet smile is the only reason people look at the blog anyways.