Sunday, February 8, 2009

Serves me right...

Why is it the minute you brag about your child, they turn? Ever since my post about having a baby who never poops in her diaper, she has presented me with numerous full and stinky diapers. She prefers to do so in front of avid readers of The Great Potty Chronicles, readers who only hours previously had read my brag, I mean, blog.

I'm not eating my words, I am wiping them off her bum.

At least she's peeing in the potty more again.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Evi conquered her first fear yesterday. Apparently she developed a doggie fear on Saturday, when we visited a neighbor. They have a large and crazy, but very friendly, dog who exploded to the gate upon our arrival . He jumped on the gate barking furiously and happily while we waited outside so he could be put away. The second Evi saw him, her lower lip popped out, she squeezed me tight and started bawling.

I didn't give this episode another thought until she repeated the reaction at a friend's house with their two small and comparably calmer dogs. She had a fear of dogs! Not good considering we would love to have a dog someday. Under our friends' advice, we allowed the dogs to get much closer than Evi was confortable with. We showed her that we were okay with the dogs and she was safe. She gradually got calmer and began reaching out to touch their fur. The second her fingers met the fur, she would jerk them back and shiver.

A few days later, Evi met Max (the original dog) again and after a few tears, settled down and made friends. Yay!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How many times can I say "poop" in one blog?

The greatest thing about pottying Evi? Catching poops. Lately we miss alot of pees, but we catch ALL the poops. And her poops these days are not small. When she is done on the potty, I just clean the tiniest amount of poop off her bottom. I still feel dainty afterwards!

Here are some bathtime pictures for your enjoyment.

In the subject of water, Evi's first swim class is Thursday. I can hardly contain myself I am so excited. It's at the YMCA and you don't have to be a member to join, so bring your baby and join us! :) We decided to do this when we heard a story about one of Samy's cousins. She was leaving the park with her baby boy and packing up the car. When she turned around, he was gone. She searched frantically until someone saw a diaper floating in the pond; he was upside down in the water. Pulling him out, they tried desperately to revive him for about five minutes to no avail. When she stopped trying and started praying, he coughed water and came to - praise God!

Since Grandma and Grandpa live at the lake, it's important to teach Evi what to do if she fell in. I don't know how detailed this class will be (it's only 4 thirty minute sessions), but I understand you can teach babies to flip over and float on their back if they fall into water. I hope to teach her both respect and enjoyment of the water. What fun the lake will be this summer!

On another note, Evi has started eating some solids. So far she hasn't met a food she doesn't like. Of course, all she has had is avocado, sweet potato, banana, apple, and pees, in that order. I enjoy making her foods; what a $$ savings! That alone makes it worth it.

She eats very enthusiastically.

I know she lacks a bib. I realized it before we started eating, but I was too lazy to go get it.