Sunday, February 8, 2009

Serves me right...

Why is it the minute you brag about your child, they turn? Ever since my post about having a baby who never poops in her diaper, she has presented me with numerous full and stinky diapers. She prefers to do so in front of avid readers of The Great Potty Chronicles, readers who only hours previously had read my brag, I mean, blog.

I'm not eating my words, I am wiping them off her bum.

At least she's peeing in the potty more again.

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Idyllic Youth said...

Keller ALWAYS does that. Especially, when someone asks how pottying is going. And if I answer, "Great!" I'm inevitably cleaning her bum a few moments later. The best answer I can come up with is "its hit and miss" and I rarely end up wiping her bum after that. I've also noted that when she's entertaining people, herself, or busy with a milestone (crawling, sitting up, teething) she uses her diaper a lot more.