Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Perfect Potty Day

Memorial Day 2009 will go down into history as Evi's first Perfect Potty Day. She kept her diaper clean all night and all day. Not bad for a 10-month, 3-day old.

Samy took Evi in the lake for the first time yesterday. I wanted to swim too, but my toes felt the water and my body said "no way." Despite the cold water, Evi cried for a couple seconds and then was fine. She did great. The swimming at the YMCA seems to have paid off.

Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend.


Idyllic Youth said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Those days that not a single diaper gets soiled are magical. Glad to see you back in the world of blogging.

Charndra atPart Time Diaper Free... said...


That is so wonderful - be sure to make a certificate for your baby's special book!

Hoping my 10 month old will pull that off again - not today, though! Usually when we are out we use the least number of diapers.