Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Evi is fourteen months today.

I realize that going four months without blogging can hardly hold one's interest. I can hardly call what a do a blog. I'll call it a slog. Or a bog. Or a bore.

As Evi's vocabulary has budded, she's learned to say "pee-pee." She says pee-pee when she sees the potty, when I ask her if she needs to potty, or - the most revolutionary of all - when she has to pee! The latter has only occurred about four times now. The first time, Samy, Evi, and I woke up from a siesta and after a few moments she began saying "pee-pee, pee-pee, pee-pee." I set her on the potty and the little doodle did her deed.

Evi's other words include agua, leche, gato, doggie, duckie, uh-oh, night-night, mommy, and papi. You can ask her age in English or Spanish and she will proudly raise one finger high. She is walking now and I am following. She unpacks and I pack. Today she pulled nearly an entire box of Kleenex before I noticed. She is fast.

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Meg said...

Oh, she is at such a fun age! I love all the stages, but I really think that 12-16 months is my favorite :) I can't wait to hear her talking and see her walking!