Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have to share my excitement, because Evi stayed dry from morning till evening yesterday! In the morning around 9:00 am, I got out of bed to potty Evi and found that she had pooped a little in her diaper. Since she generally has more even if I miss a little, we continued on to the Baby Bjorn, where she completely emptied her bladder. Afterwards, I decided to air out her little bum for a while (great preventative measure against diaper rash!) and allowed her to go diaper free, offering occasional "pottytunities" just in case. Each time, she would empty what bit she had in her bladder. Around noon, I decided to put a coverless cloth diaper on her, so if I missed a pee, it would still be caught in something, but I would know it right away. Evi stayed completely dry until we left around six in the evening for dinner with my parents and then a game night at our friends' house.

Staying dry while we are out and about town is a different challenge that we haven't mastered yet! I still give her pottytunities, but tuning in is difficult with so many distractions. If I figure it out, I'll let you know! :)

So yesterday marked the first day we stayed clean for so long all at once with no missed pees. Evi, you amaze me more everyday.

On a non-potty note, Evi is growing everyday; she is getting quite long (don't know where she gets that one from!). She has been able to hold her head up well for quite a while now and every day she gets better at finding that elusive thumb. She is quite a personality; if you talk to her, her dinnerplate eyes will meet yours, and she will stare intently into your eyes, drinking in everything you say. Then she'll respond with all kinds of squeals, squeaks, and gurgles. We are still waiting for that first giggle. I'll let you know when that happens. When she gets super excited, her legs start pumping and she twists back and forth. Evi loves when I sing to her; I suppose she doesn't know anybetter. ha ha! It even calms her down sometimes. She does not like to be put on her belly, but I try to occasionally to give her practice in lifting her head.


Mark'sMeg said...

Congrats on your first dry day! That is awesome! Karis never liked her belly that young either, but it is good for them :)
Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Ok so I finally had time to read all of your posts so far and I'm excited for you! I LOVE your pictures of Evi, she's so pretty. And you are very in tune to her and her needs, that will come in handy in every aspect of your relationship with her for years to come! Way to go Mom!