Saturday, October 25, 2008

Iron Man, a Giggle, and a Poop

The most exciting scene of Iron Man was eclipsed tonight by Evi's first giggle. Grandma was swinging Evi's arms about and engaging her in silly conversation and noises. When I heard it, a second passed before it registered what had happened, because what popped out of her sounded so natural and normal. Then I looked at Mom and said, "Was that her first giggle???" Indeed, we think it was; although we tried for a repeat performance to no avail.

We shall try again tomorrow.

In the middle of said movie, Grandpa held Evi on his lap a bit, during which time she decided to poop quite loudly. Knowing Evi's potential diaperlessness, Grandpa passed Evi off like a hot potato. She was, in fact, wearing a diaper, but you can see the fear that this practice can instill in your guests!

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Anonymous said...

Histerical! Can't say i might not have the same reaction as your dad!:) I bet her first laugh was beautiful!