Monday, October 6, 2008

Success! And failure...

So, we began the trek into toilet independence on August 22nd with many ups and downs. Often, I'll have days where I catch every poop and quite a few pees. And then there are the days where I miss almost everything! But thank goodness for the diaper backup that I have chosen to use. There are some more courageous EC mothers who don't use any type of diaper, but I am not that good! ha ha!

EC benefit #1 - Save $$$ on diapers. One great thing about EC is I am able to keep Evi in the same disposable diaper much longer, because, when I know she needs to use the potty, I can take the diaper off her and put her on the potty. When she is done, I wipe her up and put the same clean diaper back on her. And there are those occasional times I don't put a diaper on her at all - mostly for 20 or 30 minutes after she has used the potty. I make sure during those times that I am not too distracted to noticed her (sometimes subtle) signals that she has to go.

Also, while many conventionally potty trained children stay in diapers until 3 years old, I believe Evi will be able to use the potty independently much earlier, thus saving money due to the shortened duration of diaper use. But that is yet to be seen. Stay tuned!

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