Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Crying on the potty.

Sometimes, Evi will cry if I take her to the potty. My potty book, "Diaper Free Baby," says to respect if the baby tells you "no" when you put her on the potty, but I have found that not all cries are "no's." I just have to evaluate the situation to decide if I keep her on the potty or not. Sometimes she is crying because of the discomfort of pooping, and when I continue to hold her on the potty, she will eventually get it out and then light up the room with a huge grin. Those cries have more of a complaining tone to them.

If her cry on the potty really is communicating anguish, I will take her off the potty, even if I am convinced she needs to go. I suppose it is far better for her to use her diaper backup than to create negative associations with her potty. This happens mostly during the nighttime - the hardest time, I find, for practicing EC.

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Idyllic Youth said...

my daughter HATES going on the potty at night. mostly because she does not want to wake up to go. I've found leaving the bathroom light off is a great help towards nightime potties. Also, my daughter always fusses before she has to pee. The sign language has been helpful in determining whether or not to stay on the potty. If I sign "dry" she will sign it too if she wants to get up. If she wants to stay, she will repeat either her "poopy" or "potty" sign.