Thursday, October 2, 2008

In the beginnning, reality struck.

Once I read about the elimination communication idea, it sounded just interesting enough that I had to find out more. I started following links and looking for books. I ordered the book, "The Diaper Free Baby" by Ingrid Bauer. The cover shows a wee naked babe sporting a bandanna seated in tall green grass, presumabley "diaper-free." Perfect.

Reading the book heightened my resolve; why not save money and the environment by using fewer diapers? Heck, why not have a child using the toilet independently by 18 months (more or less). What really could I lose by trying? I was pumped to try it!

And then I gave birth to a child and reality set in. I was healing from labor; my sciatic nerve made any moving horribly painful; between feedings, trying to find time to sleep, and trying to understand my new role as MOTHER, I am supposed to understand my baby and know when she needs to poop???? Bahahahhahah!

Thankfully, elimination communication is a very forgiving, pliable practice!

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