Saturday, October 4, 2008

The first month...

So, for the first month of Evi's life, I completely forgot all the principles of EC. All...of...them. I felt overwhelmed by the prospect of doing it and bummed out because I had been so excited about it! I couldn't visualize HOW in the WORLD I could make this practice applicable to my daily life.

One evening on my way home, I chatted with my friend Meagan and we discussed it a little bit. Talking it over with her remotivated me to make this craziness work! That same evening, I sat in bed and reread all the principles in the book. I began remembering concepts I had completely forgotten and seeing ways that Evi and I might be able to incorporate it into our daily life.

The nice thing about EC is that everyone doesn't have to do it the same way. One person might start it in the hospital after delivery; another might wait for 6 months old; while a third might begin at the first birthday!

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